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 I set out on my spiritual journey, 25 years back, On a bright sunny morning. From a very young age, I knew the ultimate purpose of my life is spiritual enlightenment. Since then I have been wandering every part of the world Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the middle east. In those journeys, I have come across with many incredible spiritual teachers to whom I will always be indebted. I have helped countless people with my spiritual knowledge since spirituality is all about spreading love.  now I am here to reach out to every corner of the world and lend a helping hand to everyone.
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Human aura is a broadcasting station for God’s energy and his cosmic rays. The aura of human is like a giant balloon, and this balloon is filled with neither oxygen nor helium, but with the flow of energy that is released from the seven chakras. 

If we are exposed to negative energies of any kind long enough our aura will be damaged and the potential result will be detrimental to our health—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  

No matter how hard we try to insulate ourselves from negative energy it will affect us and over the period of time create a hole in our aura and damage its shape and causes depression, anger, failure, and health problem.

Only healthy spinning chakra creates an aura of perfect shape So we must perform chakra healing and aura cleansing for better physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

I will correct the balance of your chakra and repair your damaged aura so that energy flows freely through your chakra and you live a healthy life physically emotionally and spiritually.

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