Im An ifa priestess,I use opele(ifa divining chain) and erindinlogun (sixteen sea cowries) to do ifa readings and water readings as well to answer all lifestyle questions.

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I'm an ifa priestess, I do ifa readings to answer questions on love,carrer, marriage,travelling or relocating to a new environment and virtually all lifestyle questions,I use opele and erindinlogun and water readings to answer ur burning questions to ifa(d deity of divination)
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Job Description

  • I do ifa readings using opele(ifa divination chain)erindinlogun(sixteen sea cowries) and water reading to shed light on people paths to answer their questions abt love,carrer, having kids,happiness, spiritual journey to self Discovery,oriza initiations, traveling or relocating,buying a new home ,a new pet,and so much more on living a worthy lifestyle of no mistakes or making wrong decisions dt may hurt in years to come

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