I will share a profitable forex strategy that catch 100 pips a day!!

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Do you know Forex moves on numbers? There are some special numbers used by liquidity provider Banks from where price will reverse or bounce !!! These numbers have nothing to do with Fibonacci,MacD,Pivot Points or any other technical indicator being used by the retail traders.

What I am sharing with you today is a system of trading that is both simple and manageable.

You see, in my couple years of currency trading, I have seen every system, indicator, robot, and marketing gimmick there is out there.
In all of that time, I have found that the keys to trading successfully and consistently are…
1. Truly understand price action
2. Have a solid, simple trading plan
3. Proper Money Management

There are only 2 things that you can always count on in the Forex. There will always be a high and a low of the day on every pair, and the numbers in the Quarters Theory Indicator are golden. We look to identify the high or the low of the day thru a confluence of events with these special number price points, and then trade back onto the daily range for a goal of 50 pips.

With the 100 pips a day Forex strategy….

We don’t care where a pair will be in 2 days, next week, or next month. We only care what it will do tomorrow. We look to trade off the high or the low of the day, back into the range for a goal of 50 pips. We look for only 2 trades per day. We are looking for a confluence of events to set up in the Quarters Theory indicator to identify a reversal point.

The goal of this strategy is…

To learn how to identify the correct entry point at the correct time of the day for the highest probability of success. These setups do not happen every day on every pair, but they do happen often enough over a basket of 6 to 9 pairs that you can make a great living if you are patient.

50 trades of 50 pips with a 20 pip stop risking 2% of your account would grow your account very fast.


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