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Job Description

PLEASE NOTE: Spanish product language

Module prestashop 1.6 / 1.7


The Infortisa module will allow sellers with a PRESTASHOP e-commerce, to import automatically and with a single module all the products of Infortisa.

The "+" for the e-merchant *
Infortisa is a supplier of various products.
The developers study the realization of a version, if possible unique, compatible, reliable and easy to use
What is the Infortisa module for?This module is for independent sales people who want to work with Infortisa and simply sell thousands of products without ever spending money and / or storing merchandise.

  • If a TV sells at 600 euros for example on AMAZON then the logic says that this product must be much cheaper at the supplier Infortisa.
  • Infortisa sells a product to 450 euros, you sell this product to 600 euros when a customer buys this product on your shop he pays his order in advance.
  • So with the money that the customer has just paid you buy the product directly from the store Infortisa then Infortisa delivers without leaving their tracks and you earn 150 euros multiplied by the number of sales per day.

What is Dropshipping or DropShip?

  • Dropshipping is a direct delivery service to your end customer.
  • If you have a shop, you are and will stay the walker, Infortisa remains 100% anonymous this is Dropshipping or DropShip.
  • With this system you will be able to market all Infortisa products and it will deliver directly to your customer.
  • The delivery provided by Infortisa does not contain any advertising, brochure or brand that can identify them.
  • With Dropshipping, you can develop a high-value business, without worrying about the purchase of products, stocks or expensive management and logistics.
  • Dropshipping allows you to significantly diversify your sales with their 120,000 products.

 So what is this module for?

  • We take the example that you want to import yourself and manually products Infortisa on your shop yes it is possible, but you must know that you need 100 computer programmers skilled in programming, plus it takes about 12 months to post everything on your shop.
  • The problem is that 95% of products last only 72H max, always renewed by new products, so you risk selling products that no longer exists; with this module you only need a few hours to import everything
  • The Infortisa module will allow sellers with a PRESTASHOP e-commerce, to import automatically and with a single module all the products of Infortisa.

How to manage the stock of products?

  • Updates of automatic products, at the same time as sending products so 0 risk.
  • The cron link will allow you to make automatic updates at the chosen time on all products.
  • With this method you will have nothing to do, the cron takes care of everything for you, example twice a day.


  • If at Infortisa a product changes price, quantity or simply the product is no longer available Etc ... This one will be automatically modified accordingly.
  • Also if a new product has been added to the store of Infortisa, it will be added, and even if a product no longer exists, it will be disabled on your shop.

How long to have the products on my shop?

  • It depends if you send 100 products or the whole catalog to your shop.
  • But it also depends on the shop and the response speed of the server.

Features *

  • Main
  • Send all products or a chosen quantity.
  • Customize your tag metas
  • Products with Multi-margins
  • Cron link for importing and updating
  • Simulate a discount (promotion).
  • Characteristics.
  • Report after each update by email with imported products
  • Several options are available and can not be detailed here.
  • Module option & before import

  • You-can Automatically: Ignore the product if the quantity is zero.
  • You-can Automatically: Generate a quantity.
  • You-Can Automatically: Use product images for categories.
  • You-Can Automatically: Add the mark at the end of the product name.
  • You can Automatically: Apply the tax on delivery.
  • You-can Automatically: Apply the margin to the delivery.
  • You-can Automatically: Import multiple images of each product.
  • You-can Automatically: Make updates of existing products.
  • You-can Automatically: Associate the imported products with your supplier.
  • You-can Automatically: Choose the carrier for this catalog.
  • You-Can Automatically: Add a sum for delivery or set a fixed price.
  • You-can Automatically: Choose the VAT.
  • You can Automatically: Add a text at the end of the original description.
  • You can Automatically: Add text at the beginning and end of Title Tags, Metas descriptions, Simplified URL.
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