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I'm a very good listener, I can do any kind of post because I work in Design, I can write because I'm also a copywriter, I can test your web page nearly for free, I can make you logos, travel planners and more! Check my account to see if I can help you somehow.
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Job Description

Hey! My name is Ivana and I'm here to listen to you (not only that, of course)

I'm new to this platform, but that doesn't mean I'm not good at what I do. Seriously, everyone recommends that I become a therapist, because I'm a natural healer and I healed myself first (as much as I could until this moment).

Till now, I've helped a lot of people to get over breakups, bad events in their lives, family problems, trauma, anxiety/confidence problems and more, but only because they wanted to, with the help of mindset shift.

And now I ask myself, why don't I at least try to help you heal yourself? Take it like this, I can't help you heal yet, because maybe it's not time yet, you don't want to, you can't, etc, but you can talk to me freely, you can cry, you can curse, you can free yourself from all the things you keep hidden deep inside you, far from this world, but which you let gnaw you and gnaw you and gnaw you, deep inside you.

It's your choice if you want to let go of allllll of the bad things in your life and start healing and upgrading to become the best version of you. I will not pay myself to call you and help you, seriously. Think about that!


  1. I will let you share all your problems and experiences, traumas, problems, thoughts with me, without any judgement and any side eye from me, no matter what you say to me

2. After you cool down for a bit and after you freed yourself from all those thoughts and events that oppressed you, ONLY if you want, I will give you my advice on how to treat, NOT how to avoid those situations/events/emotions. More like mindset shift because it all start with the mindset

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