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My name is ZeshanAhmad.
I am a WordPress website designer . I am a new but enthusiastic WordPress website design and website logo designer. I have also done the WordPress course from the DIGISKILLS platform and stand at a renowned position in it. I have created a number professional website for different users all our the world . I have also created a number technology  websites
Which are listed below 


 I am open for new opportunity .And willing to make your WordPress website and design it for you.

I am available for any related job
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Job Description

Job description 


Build a WordPress website design 

As a WordPress website  creater  . I will create  websites for clients using the WordPress web creation tool. I will work for a variety of organizations like design agencies, computer systems firms, and marketing agencies. I will work as a designer and make your  WordPress website .I will completely build your site in 5 working days of a week. Which will cost only 30 dollar for normal time delivering. And will cost 75 dollar for fast delivery in 2 days


Features of job

Manage Front-End Development

As a WordPress  designer and I will  build the front end of WordPress websites, which is what the user sees and interacts with. They design website layouts and add content,Some front-end .I will make a WordPress website for the employer so they can make changes to the user experience and make the site more visually appealing and user-friendly.

Manage Back-End Development

I will do the Back-end development and design according to the need of the user .  I will do on  the server-side, which controls how the site works and encompasses changes and updates. work on the features like structure, security, and content management.to makethe site look according to the employer need.

 Plug-Ins and Themes

I will install a user themes which meets the employer site requirements and install the Plugin according to the needed functionality I will manage the  Themes to  display the required layout of a page or posts . I will manage Plug-ins and add-ons that required  additional  functionality and elements to WordPress pages.


WordPress Client Training(for additional charges)

After I have created  a WordPress site for a client,after the 5 days .

I am offering  to train the client on how to use WordPress website  to manipulate the site,add post add page  add content,whatever else the client needs to know to make the most of their site.

This extra opportunity will cost 10 doller extra 

Order Additional

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