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Job Description

For a logo to be consistent and successful, it must conform to the fundamental design principle where "less is more". This simplicity allows it to be:
Readable - even the smallest size.Scalable - to any size required.Reproducible - no material restrictions.Distinguishable - both positive and negative.Memorable - that impacts and does not forget.The marks constructed exclusively with letters that can have an equivalent force or more than whatever, although they have a graphic icon, the association of the text to position itself from the beginning; Such is the case, for example, of car brands. Subsequently, the image is intrinsically associated with the sound of the original brand name.
The animated logo PartOfWikpedia (ParteDeWikipedia), which represents the user as a piece of a puzzle. Image of the Wikimedia Foundation.The logo can be the affirmative axis of private property through the fact of authority.
A logo differs by:
The functionality of a radio logo in its ability to communicate the desired message, for example: We are a responsible company or This product is of high quality, and to achieve this you need colors and shapes that communicate with the final viewer of this interpretation.A logo, in general terms, requires the appropriate use of semiotics as a tool to achieve adequate communication of the message and interpretation by the viewer closest to this message. Thus, for example, a yellow circle can interpret different forms and be given different meanings such as sun, currency, egg, cheese or others, while if it is adjacent to the word "bank", both elements, the yellow circle and the word bank , take only one meaning: "Banking Institution". That is, the logo, the time to represent an entity or group of people, which is more semiotic congruence between what is understood and what the image really represents.What is a symbology? [Edit]Symbology is the study of the symbols or the set of these. A symbol, on the other hand, is the sensory representation of an idea that has a conventional and arbitrary link with its object. The notion of symbology is used to name the symbol system that identifies the different elements of some symbols. Electricity, chemistry and mechanics, among other problems of knowledge, have their own symbology. Who knows the symbology of a specialty, can express itself by means of the symbols and interpret diagrams or schemes that appear in the symbols in the place of the words. It is possible to classify the symbology according to its object of study or area of ​​concern.Incluya la información más importante sobre su trabajo aquí

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