I will show you how to get paid to watch videos (via Paypal). No cost or catch

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This job will pay for itself in just a couple of days. You will earn more than you paid here!

I will show you a legitimate way to make money watching videos. There is no cost to do this, However, you do need at least one device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) that can stream video. You also, obviously, will need internet access.

This is browser based. You do not need to install any software.

Family-friendly short videos. A commercial, like you see on TV ,will play before each video and that is how you earn.

You can choose which videos you want to watch. Most videos are quick and under 2 minutes. You can get paid to watch trailers for movies and games, sports updates, how to videos and more.

These videos are ad-supported and the advertisers will only accept people in the following countries. Please do not purchase this is your country is not listed here:

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

**You can expect to earn about $1 per 24 hours per device running. You can run up to 3 different devices at a time.Some people earn more. Some people earn less. Please do not mail asking me how much you will earn specifically as I can’t give you any more specific answers than what the average is. After you purchase this, you will also be given tips on how to earn more efficiently.

***YOU CAN EARN WHAT THIS GIG COSTS IN ONLY 1 DAY IF YOU ARE RUNNING ALL 3 DEVICES! 🙂 Even if it takes you a couple of days, this is something you can use to earn over and over again!

The minimum payout for this company is only $3 You can cashout whenever you reach this amount multiple times a week! No limit!

****If you purchase my other gig on claiming free satoshi (Bitcoin) every 15 minutes, you will receive the information in this gig as a bonus. I will also include the info from that gig if you purchase this one as a bonus.There’s no need to purchase both! Either way it’s a 2 for 1 deal!

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  • Before buying, please contact with the seller! Ask questions before placing an order.
  • We keep your money until you are happy with the delivered work.
  • The job will be done or your money will be returned.
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