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Job Description:

I am a professional software programmer and web projects creator working above 10 years. I am an individual freelancer. I have worked in many projects and give best solution. Everything is hand coded by me, so any changes needed to be made can be done quickly and easily. I would like to present you a program tailored to your needs. Why pay for the functions of the program are not really using. Here you can choose what you really need. I’ll do my best to make you happy.

What I offer:

I offer you a personal CD slide show player. You can change many parameters and then I compile the executable file for you.

Where to use this software:

• To sort and catalogue your all photos,
• To make a nice family photos presentation
• To make corporate presentation
• To make a birthday party presentation
• To make a wedding party presentation
• To make a gift for your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandparents and many others

You will receive for 5$:

• Working application with basic functions (it’s enough to make your presentations). Please look at the default screen of your personal Cd player at http://cdplayer.5v.pl
• In standard option you get one heading label (with any text) and one skin image, and one standard button (and Exit button), and title bar with default caption. One standard/image button run a slideshow from a one photos folder (default images folder name: photo)
• A default menu window and main window with a grey slide show background.
• You can choose a nice looking skin for your program (in 5$ option included !). Look at http://cdplayer.5v.pl/gal/1gal/index.html
• Default slide show time is 3 seconds.
• 2 revision – screen shot of the start menu window (Notice: Ask for the revision screen shot)

What you can have extra (Look at http://cdplayer.5v.pl/gal/1gal/index.html to know the application look):

• Splash screen. It appear before starting the main program. You can insert any photo here. This window runs about 2-3 seconds.
• Extra heading label (with any text) and one skin image.
• The image button (with any image) or a standard button.
• You can change a title bar caption or disable/switch off the title bar.
• You can choose a color of a slide show background or put an image as a background.
• A background music mp3 file
• A background name for a main menu window (please look at http://cdplayer.5v.pl/gal/2gal/index.html):
• Scrolling text (credits)***

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