I will rate your attractiveness and SMV and give a detailed report

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Job Description

The purpose of my gig is to rate your attractiveness and to outline your strengths and flaws.

Factors I take into account:


  • Your facial structure (bone structure)
  • Your phenotype (soft tissue structure, for example your lips, nose, ears)
  • Your coloring (for example your hair color, eyebrow color and thickness, skin complexity, eye color)
  • Golden ratio
  • Your neck size
  • Hairstyle


  • Your height
  • Your proportions
  • Your physique and frame


One page outlining your main pros, cons, and a total rating as well as rating for your face and physique. Your height will also be added too.


Up to 5 pages going into detail about your face, flaws and strengths, physique, as well as how attractive and tall you are compared to your peers and the people around you.

Additional 1 to 2 pages giving you advice on how you can improve your attractiveness.

 My rating gig is for both men and women.

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