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The Audio Adrenaline, One of the BEST AUDIO PRODUCT PACKAGE in the market.

No better way to sooth the savage beast than listening to some relaxing tunes to calm the heart and soul. Sooth your ailments, clear your mind from worries and achieve calmness as you let your body, mind and soul immerse into a warm selection of relaxing tunes.

Music stimulates various parts of the brain, making it an effective therapeutic or mood-altering tool. Music’s pitch, rhythm, meter and timbre are processed in various parts of the brain ranging from the prefrontal cortex to the hippocampus to the parietal lobe. Listening to these audios may energize particular brainwave frequencies when they need a boost.

The complete collection includes 8 Mini Audio Products:

1. Hypnotherapy: The advantages of hypnosis therapy are widespread. People report positive changes with hypnosis and it’s recognized as a valid type of holistic alternative medicine.
20 hypnotherapy audio clips included.

2. Affirmations: 9 affirmations audio clips included: Self Discovery, Goal Setting, Marketing & Business, Habits & Subconscious, Financial Freedom, Relationships, Health & Wellness, Positive Thinking, Spirituality

3. Meditation: 5 meditation audio clips included: Healing Meditation, Higher Power Meditation, Potential Meditation, Quiet The Mind Meditation, Serenity Meditation

4. Motivational Reading Modules: 6 audio clips included: Butterfly, Kindness, Encouragement, Controlling Anger, Adversity, Consequences

5. Relaxing Music Collection: 2 Beautiful and Restful Ambient Files, 1 Emotion Stirring Celtic File, 1 File For Achieving Chi, 1 Beautiful Soft Strings Meditation File, 1 Chanting Meditation File

6. Ambient Sounds For Audio Zen And Tranquility: 7 audio clips included: Soothing sounds of crickets, chimes, happy birds, rain, running river, shore birds ocean, whales ocean.

7. Breath Modulation Tools: 2 breath modulation audio clips included.

8. The Best Binaural Beats Collection: 24 binaural beat MP3s included.

Please be note that these all are short audio clips but very powerful to use. If you’re looking for longer audio files, this may not suit to you.

Sample can be provided for free. Contact me if you need any..

Most of above modules contain Scripts, Graphics & Resale materials.


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