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Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Safe SEO Backlinks. Get 50+ Quality Unique Backlinks From higher Authority Domains. DA (Domain Authority) ranging from 80 – 100 that are just waiting for you to put your link on.

Why Domain Authority is most important?

With Matt Cutts recently announcing that Google will start punishing quick-fire guest posts in the upcoming algorithm updates, it has become tougher for content developers to rank better with sub-par content. There are no ways to game the system now and it is now level ground for all the online publishers. DA is another metric used to understand the performance of your website and it is considered important, as just like Google, it is hard to influence that metric and it takes a lot of factors under consideration before calculating your DA score.

With even the dropping of updates to Page Rank by Google, Domain Authority would soon become one of the key metric to gauge the quality of your website, often needed by advertisers.

Why You Need Domain Trust?

Though climbing the rankings on Google and the other significant search engines So getting higher excellent, trusted backlinks is actually now among the list of only techniques to go. The days of sending a large number of spammy, low quality is more than for pure white hat procedures at the very least.Google stopped updating the public Toolbar Page Rank, so that metric is out the window. Now SEO are relying on new metrics in search engines which hover around trust and authority.

Page Rank 9 and .EDU .GOV sites which is having the Higher Authority on Google eye and thousands of users access High Authority sites daily… So you will get lot of visitor daily And We all know High Authority Backlinks are how important in SEO, because Google loves Backlinks from high Authority Domains.

In this gig, you will get 20+ .EDU .GOV and 30+ PR9 Domain trust powerful backlinks from some of the biggest high Authority Domains on the planet like:

And many more……


Why it’s so powerful?

✓ 100% White hat backlinks
✓ Manual work done, no software or bots used.
✓ Service based on the latest Google updates
✓ Natural mix of no and dofollow, anchored, and brand links.
✓ Domain Authorities (DA) ranging from 80 – 100.
✓ 50 unique IP blocks.
✓ New account creation for each backlinks.
✓ Any Niche Accepted.
✓ 100% parmanent and live link.
✓ Detailed excel report with login information.

Remember it’s not about throwing a ton of low quality urls to your site, that just doesn’t work, a handful good high quality links from trusted Authority domains like these will do more good for you SEO efforts.

I need from you 1 URL and 10 Keywords for the best result.

If you are unsure about my service please message me before ordering and I will try my best to answer your questions.

Thanks an

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