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"Must Know" Copywriting Secrets that
Guarantee Success
Copywriters often disagree on whether a short sales piece with lots of
white space is better or whether long and detailed is the way to go.
The long and short of the debate is this… what type of buyer are you
There are basically 2 kinds of buyers.
1. The Impulsive Buyer
This is the kind of guy with "places to go and people to see" and not a
whole lot of time to do it in. Typically, he’ll skim the headlines and
subtopics, glance at the photos and captions, and make a snap
2. The Analytical Buyer
This group of buyers believes that the proof is in the details. They’ll
read everything… including the fine print.
It stands to reason that successful copy will address the needs of both
buyers… regardless of length. Let’s look at what you need to do to
reach both buyers.
How to reach….
The Impulsive Buyer
1. Use attention getting headlines and sub headlines.
2. Capitalize of graphics that enhance your message…
Varying fonts and font sizes
Use Bold Headlines
Highlight with shaded areas or bullets
The Analytic Buyer
1. Use the headlines, sub headlines, and graphics for the impulsive
buyer as guides. Add the detailed information the analytic buyer
needs under the proper heading, and you’ve got a winning marketing
piece that is guaranteed to be successful
Inside knowledge of how your potential buyers react is the key to
getting their attention… and extra income. The fact that the needs of
the impulsive buyer and the analytical buyer overlaps is a bonus for
you, the copywriter!
A Novice Guide to Become an Effective
Content Writer
If there is one role to be filled in the Internet which matters most to a
website, it is none other than content writers. Of course we could not
ignore the fact that web designers and programmers are also
important in giving a good website. However, it is the content that
matters to the audience.
Contents are the traffic producers of a website. In this age of
information technology, almost everyone needs to get some
information. Likewise, it is always a must to hire content writers to fill<b


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