I will have 100 REAL (NONBOTS) Facebook or Instagram users give you social proof.

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I am a real U.S. native who recently graduated college. I have friends all across the country, and we are all in the 18 to 30 age demographic and active users on Instagram and Facebook.

When you order this gig you get one of the following;

Facebook package: 100 of us will go on Facebook and each one of us will leave a 5 star rating, page like, and convincing comment/review.

Instagram page: 100 of us will go on Instagram and each one of us will follow you, like 2 pictures, and leave a convincing/honest comment.

How can I offer this gig? I have accrued a network of friends from college and my various life adventures. As well I also am a Level 2 seller on another site like this with 119 completed sales. During my tenure on that site where I completed several jobs like this I have found others who could help me complete tasks like this. So I am actually able to get you 100 real people or more to give you social proof.

I guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase and that there will be no work done by bots or your money back! You might find a cheaper gig out there somewhere BUT it will be sloppy work done by bots that is easily recognized by the platform and the people viewing your page.

*I can only guarantee up to 100 users.

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