Maximizing Your Email List Potential – Getting the most from a mailing list 101

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Introduction 4

Begin with a solid and well composed email database 5

Reach out to your email list in a unique way 6

Try and keep the message precise and simple 7

Make use of email automation systems 8

Segment your email list 10

Ascertain the sending frequency for your segmented list of customers 12

Segment your email list according to their weather patterns 13

Monitor the purchase cycle of your client list 14

Use past purchases to track your customers and predict their future purchases 15

Incorporate a call-to-action in your promotional mail 16

Reinforce your message 17

Encourage your contacts to forward your promotional information to their own contacts 18

Allow your contacts be in control of the information they receive from you 19

Make use of familiar sender names while sending your mails 20

Include personalized tokens on your subject line 21

Never make a fault promise on your email subject lines 23

Never disclose the contents of your emails on the email subject lines 24

Be conscious about the timing of your emails to your clients 25

Use verbs that are related to actions on your email subject lines 26

Make your clients feel special and part of your community 27

Bring a notion of urgency on your email subject lines 28

Create a sense of scarcity 29

Use number in your promotional mails 30

Pose compelling questions in your subject lines 32

Never hesitate to throw a few jibes in your promotional emails 33

Always refrain from using all caps in your subject lines 34

Avoid overusing exclamation market in your subject line 35

Add a preview in your promotional email 36

Test your subject lines in order to come up with the most appropriate 37

Make it easy and simple for your contacts to key in their email addresses 38

Conclusion 39


Businesses in the world of today have devised numerous means of communication with the aim of connecting with existing and potential clients. One of such ways is the use of email list that has proven to be relevant and very effective for most businesses. Your email list can be utilized effectively to provide maximum effects through a number of strategies and tactics that have been proven by many business owners and gurus in the field of internet marketing. Here is a list of proven strategies and tactics that have been used to achieve maximum effect from email lists.

Begin with a solid and well composed email database

This is perhaps the very first step to achieving maximum effect in your email list. Before embarking on any campaign of such magnitude, it is always advisable to begin by creating a well composed email database. During the initial stages of such a campaign, it must be noted that your business email list forms the beginning of not just the campaign but also your communication with the potential customers of your business. It is therefore imperative to sort your list and create a database.

Your list ought to contain a database listing the people and related businesses that have interest in your company. Ensure that these people and businesses actually have the reason to be contacted by your company. They must show interest in whatever your company is offering and must be able to find the information you intend to share with them helpful in one way or another. It is only through this that you can be sure that the information you will dispatch through the mails will reach the right audience.

In the event that you think your current list lack the desired impact, do not hesitate to conduct a cleanup. This can be done through filtering your list to include only the most relevant contacts that will have a positive impact for your business. Additionally, you can decide to send out refresher mails with the intention of knowing whether your current subscribers are still interested in the promotional information you send to them from time to time.
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