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You would have to have been living under a rock not to have
heard about the "New Media" or "Social Media" and how many
businesses are using this platform to market their products and
services online. Here are 100 of the most important concepts to
grasp to make sure this platform works for you and your business?
Just so we are on the same page, here is my definition of Social
Media. Social Media is any online platform where people can
have conversations and create relationships with other people.
Social Media Marketing is when you leverage those relationships
to market your products and service.
1. Connection – The social networks are built around this concept,
so it is very important you get this first for success. You begin by
connecting with your friends, family, and people in your target
market. Then you connect with their friends and family. Before
you know it, just a few connections become many.
2. Conversation – One of the most important things to remember
on the social networks is you cannot begin with the end (sales).
It’s like going to a cocktail party. Would you go to a party, meet
someone new and right away launch into a sales presentation? Of
course not. You would first get to know each other this is what
social media allow you to do online. You begin with a onversation, and you learn what your new friend needs and how
you can help them.
3. Create Relationships – As you have these conversations online,
you begin to get to know each other. This leads to a better
understanding of what your new friends need and what they love
to do. You find out how you can help them. Like all great
relationships, it should be less about you and more about them.
4. Content – The saying on the Social Networks is CONTENT is
king! Your goal is to provide useful, relevant, free content to all
your new friends so they can get a feel for what you do and how
you can help them. Don’t worry about giving away too much
because strangely, the more you give, the more you will get in
return. It’s a huge paradigm shift from the traditional marketing
model, but it does work.
5. Community Building – Your community is your core group of
like minder individuals. They more time you spend on the social


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