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Job Description

1.i need a extra tab in a wordpress module user regıstratıon to be added on the my account page ın front end called "trading platform"

2.then i need to be able from the back end to select any registered user
and assign them with stocks using current stock ticker symbols ( i.e
apple is AAPL) thıs wıll then show ın front end of user my account page but each user will have different stocks assigned to them which they see from my account page

Back end ı need to enter 3 fıelds
1. stock field. "AAPL"
2. the amount field. "100"
3. purchase price field "$190"

and these will show in the my account page under the new trades menu tab with these 3 figures listed.

3. most importantly the final field will be "current value" which will
gather the real time price of the stock from the link below
and then the number of current stock mutıply by number ın fıeld 2 to show a current value.where to get us stock data from


You can test the site now. Here is the link, and instructions below.

First you can try to login as a client. Here is the login link.
> Try to login as "jim" with password "Share76Holder" to see jim's data.
> Try to login as "jane" with password "Share76Holder" to see jane's data.

> Then you can login as "admin" with the same password again as above.
> When you login as admin you should see an extra button "ADMIN" in the
> top menu. If you go in there you can see a list of clients. You can
> click on the client login name and give them more shares or delete
> current shares.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND it does not have to be like the example above this is
just to give you an idea of what i need i wil also be adding sepeate jos
to expand on the featues and design of this job

could also look like this

Job deactivated