Decrypt you ransomware encrypted files

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Job Description:

I will help you decrypt your files that have been encrypted by a Ransomware.. this is becoming more common and yes, it is not fun at all!

This gig includes the below:

Decrypt your files that were encrypted by a Ransomware. Not guaranteed, a sample is needed first.

As a lot of Ransomwares are appearing daily, there are no guarantees to recover the files. However, as soon as you send me the encrypted files, I will get back to you in less than 24-hour period with either an evidence that the files can be decrypted, or with an apology and good luck wishes =)

What I need from you, which will help me in recovering them is;
– Sample of encrypted files (3 would be fine)
– A Screenshot of the notification that the files have been encrypted
– The original non-encrypted version of any of the files (HELPS A LOT!)

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