I Will Do A Routing And Delivery Algorithm Achieving Lowest Mileage Like Carpooling

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My job is to make your life easier ,automate your ideas and solve your problems through algorithms.
 I am a mechatronics engineer with over 5 years of experience and i basically do A.I. embedded algorithms /Data science.
My latest projects are:
- please check my portfolio below for videos and pictures.
* A fleet routing, Pickup And Delivery Algorithm To Achieve Lowest Mileage Visiting All Places using OSRM or Google maps like carpooling.
 * 3D Binpacking Algorithm To Tight Pack Boxes And irregular Items In Containers.
* Crowd analysis server and client on raspberry pi generating a live interactive Heatmap , line charts and scatter plots.
* An algorithm that could read from 170 sensors using only 14 GPIO pins on any board which means less wiring , less boards needed and less money spent.
* Patrolling security robots using Raspberry Pi. * Raspberry Pi, A.I. based surveillance system.
* fuzzy PID Control Algorithm For Quadrotor Or Whatever That Needs Control.

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Job Description

I created for multiple companies and can create an algorithm for Routing vehicles using only free services instead of google to get distances between locations that does :
* hint: My algorithm reads from excel sheets!.
- Controlling the capacity of each vehicle, like a vehicle can carry a box for oranges with its own size and a box of apples with its own different size.
- Pickup items and deliver them along the way, not just pick them up at the depot and deliver them at the end point.
- Controlling time windows for arrival at each point plus i can give you the exact estimated time of arrival.
- Controlling the service time, maximum wait time, maximum distance between two points that a vehicle can cover when optimized,start points and end points for each vehicle, start time and end time for each vehicle and the number of vehicles you own. 

For the GUI:
- you get a website page that shows the route of each vehicle which you can control to show only the route you want, not have all the routes on the screen at the same time.

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I Will do aBinpacking Algorithm To Tight Pack Boxes And Items In Containers I Will do aBinpacking Algorithm To Tight Pack Boxes And Items In Containers
I Will do aBinpacking Algorithm To Tight Pack Boxes And Items...
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