I will Give you Fruit Slicing Game (UNITY) – Complete Project Template

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Requires Unity 5.0.1 or higher.
Fruit Slicing Game!!!
Slice your way through Fruit, Bombs, and PowerUps! This Game Template features 3 popular GameModes. I made a 24 hour prototype around Fruit Ninja’s 5th Anniversary, and finally took some time to give it a little more polish.

-Fully Commented C# Code

-Lots of Documentation… .pdf & .docx

There is also a zip file in the Docs Directory, and it contains a DoxyGen Doc Page If anyone is interested. Just extract the archive and launch the shortcut in the extracted folder. That will launch the index.html allowing you to browse the Members,Classes, and Types.

3 GameModes Arcade, Classic, and Relax.

-In “Classic Mode” the objective is not to miss any Fruit! You can only miss 3 Fruit, or the game is over! If you hit a bomb, the game is over!

-In “Arcade Mode” you slice away against the clock! 60 Second Rounds, and PowerUp Bananas to help you score the highest! Be watchful for bombs, because they will take 10pts from you.

-In “Relax Mode” there are just MORE FRUIT! Just sit back a slice fruit without the pressure of Power-Ups or Bombs. 90 Second Rounds. This Complete Project is meant to serve as an example to show how a game like this could be created. This is not necessarily a “ready to release” game, but it is at the very least a complete vertical slice.

-Avoid Bombs, while Slicing Power-Ups that help you reach higher scores!

-Includes SceneManager that Fades in and out on level loads. Note: start game in scene0 for proper experience.

-Multiple Fruit Types that are ready to be sliced apart by 8-way directional swipes!

-Includes a UI Atlas, and Atlased Fruit Assets, and more!

-Player Death Effect implements a Camera Shake, and Chromatic Aberration Effect.
(May be useful for some beginners to see in action, given it is a nice juicy effect in lots of games).


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