I will send PinnaclePlus bet365 HORMAT double-database.

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PinnaclePlus bet365 HORMAT. Soccer historical odds and results, markets: Match Odds, Asian Handicap, Total Goals
General description of double-database mat-data
Sport: Soccer
Bookmakers: Pinnacle and bet365
Type odds: Decimal (EU)
Type odds lines: Pre-match
Include the next markets:
Match Odds: Home-Draw-Away
Asian Handicap: -1.0 and -0.5
Totals: Over/Under 2.5
Saved data: 22 700
File size: 11.0 mb
Period HOR: 2014-2015
Movements lines odds: include
Payout: include
Date of the games (YY/DD/MM): include
Countries, Leagues, Teams: include
Results: Half-time and Final scores

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Job deactivated

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