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Programming / Web Development
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Hi dears, I'm Electronic Engineering and computer scientist, I carried out several works from diverse industries : Healthcare, Automotive, Banking, AI, IoT, Food Delivery, Transportation and Logistics, Beauty and Fitness, E-Commerce, Retail. My aim is to provide a highest satisfaction from successful clients (startups, SMB’s and Enterprises).
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Job Description

  • First : 

I am happy to surve you to publish your Android app on Play Store for a very low price..

  • Before you order:

Please make sure the following : 

  1. Application is not a Spam and doesn't cotain any violence or Porn content.
  2. The application belongs to you (not involved in copyright infringement)
  3. All elements & content of the application are free of copyright infringement
  4. The application does not violate Go-gle Play Store policies For applications that use Admob, please ensure that you are free from SPAM, etc.
  5. NO REFUNDS if applications have been suspended by Google for violating.

  • Requirements :

Signed APK (V1:JAR signature) [Use Android Studio to generated signed APK]
Title Information

  1. Title of app (max characters 50)
  2. Short description about the app (max characters 80)
  3. Full description about the app (max characters 4000)


  1. Icon (512x512 32bit PNG image, transparent backgrounds will no longer be allowed)
  2. Screenshots (max 8 screenshots with dimensions Min: 320px. Max: 3840px)
  3. Feature graphic (1024w x 500h, JPG/PNG)


  • Application type (Game/App)
  • Category
  • Content Rating
  • Contact Details (Email, Website and Phone)
  • Privacy Policy
  • What's in this release?

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