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There is an indirect relationship between ranking your site on Alexa and ranking your site on search engines.
Having a low ranking on Alexa indicates that you have a large number of visits and therefore your site content (such as your blog entries and other content) will appear on the first page on Google.
Low ranking sites in Alexa Alexa get a good number of visitors from search result on search enginesbitly.comI will give you real traffic to lower your site ranking

  1. You'll notice it from the startThis movement is 100% real
  2. Is Alexa ranking really important? Why should I care about Alexa's ranking?
  3. Alexa is a very important tool for marketers because it reveals the ad value of a site. The lower the site ranking, the higher visitors are likely to attract advertisers to bid and buy ads from this site because the ad will appear to a large number of visitors.
  4. In short, low-ranking sites on Alexa are more valuable than high-ranking sites.
  5. Also, having a low ranking on Alexa increases your earnings from clicks on the banners if you run banner ads and also helps you get excellent advertising offers from advertisers, whether native ads or Bob Indre ads
  6. What factors affect Alexa Alexa ranking?
  7. According to Alexa's blog "How to Reduce Alexa Rankings"
  8. Alexa daily estimates:
  9. 1. Average number of visitors
  10. 2. Number of pages viewed
  11. On all sites over the last 3 months. The site has the highest number of visitors and (pages view) gets # 1
  12. However, there are many other variables that (affect the ranking and play a role in the ranking algorithm of Alexa-based sites.) This includes:
  13. 9 variables affect the ranking of your site on Alexa Alexa
  14. 1. Number of visitors using Alexa Toolbar
  15. 2. Pageviews "Pageviews"
  16. 3. Time spent on your site "Time on site"
  17. How many views do I need to lower my site ranking below 100,000 on Alexa?
  18. There is a complete difference between the numbers appearing in Google Analytics statistics and Alexa statistics
  19. For example, when comparing two sites under the order of 100,000 on Alexa, one of them is 30,000 monthly visitors and is ranked on Alexa (97,340) and the other is 50,000 visitors per month and is ranked on Alexa (96,215). The comparison results indicate that organic traffic affects Alexa's ranking less than paid ads such as pop and rapper.
  20. Conclusion: The biggest impact on ranking is that visitors with "Alexa Toolbar"
  21. Here are some approximate numbers of visits you need for a month to access the arrangements described:
  22. To reach an order under 100,000 on Alexa = Buy 100-150 daily visitors installed with Alexa Toolbar
  23. To reach an order under 50,000 on Alexa = 250-300 daily visitors are installed with Alexa Toolbar
  24. For an order under 20,000 on Alexa = 400-500 visitors per day installed with the Alexa Toolbar
  25. To reach an order under 10,000 on Alexa = 700-800 daily visitors are installed with Alexa Toolbar
  26. To reach an order under 5,000 on Alexa = 1400-1600 visitors per day installed they have Alexa Toolbar
  27. 4. Rate of recoil and click-through rate (CTR)
  28. 5. Quality and diversity of visits
  29. 6. Number of Linux Backlinks on your site
  30. 7. Your presence on social media
  31. 8. Download Site loading
  32. 9. User experience for UI / UX site