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I am here to provide quality service to my buyer.I have 3 years of experience as an Online Marketing professional, have a well known and established IT firm in the Country. My all team members are young and dynamic Internet Marketers And Social Media Experts.

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Professional digital marketer and review writer expert.
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Job Description

How to Become Famous on Twitter!

Twitter Star
Twitter has taken over the world. What was once a simple social network for sharing short, snippets of text with others has become interwoven in all facets of our lives.

Become Twitter Famous
1. Tweet like a famous blogger
* Choose your topic
*Don’t be too good for people

Bonus tip: Choosing an interesting picture and bio are crucial to gaining more followers. Choose an actual image of yourself for an avatar, preferably one that is appropriate and looks decent at small sizes (400 x 400 pixels). People want to connect with you, not a picture of your cat. As for your bio, make it brief, informative, and a little funny.

2. Keep your followers coming back for more
There are some basic dos and do not that will keep your followers list from shrinking. Use a service that notifies you whenever you are unfollowed. Examine your last few tweets – what did you write that could have turned them off?

Keep the following bits of advice in mind: Do not use services that allow you to auto DM. Auto DMs frequently cost you followers. Some people get their DMs on their cell phones, and an auto DM can be an annoying reason to have to check your phone, not to mention the cost that might be involved in receiving it. Do not radically change the content on Twitter after you have already established a twitter presence. People like consistency and followed you for a reason.

3. Ask questions

Ask your followers to retweet your question.

49 Percent Of Brands Tweet 1 to 5 Times Per Day

4. Tweet often, but not too often
Every time you post an update, it shows up in the public timeline, exposing your profile to people who do not know you yet. At the same time, tweeting too frequently can annoy your existing followers and make it difficult for them to respond. Stick to one topic at a time and leave some time in between updates for people to respond.

There is a fine line between tweeting enough to be relevant and simply being obnoxious. Try tweeting a couple times a day, especially in the morning and evening when the website experiences the most traffic. Be aware of what you are tweeting and continue maintain the focus you may or may not have established earlier. Doing so will likely be enough to remain in the minds of those who have so kindly chosen to make you a small part of their lives.

6. Keep it short
Posting links and content is a great thing, but Twitter users are all about brevity, so be sure to shorten your links by using a redirect service. is a good one for measuring your click-thrus and performance, but if you don’t use something like that, Twitter will automatically shorten your links using their built in T.CO shortner.

7. A picture’s worth a thousand tweets
We can not stress enough how important pictures are in any social media platform, and Twitter is no exception. Twitter now displays images in timelines, and if you are not taking advantage of this you are missing out. An image attached to any tweet is sure to increase visibility and engagement.

Twitter Clients
8. Use a Twitter client
A client can help sort the updates that you see by user, keywords, etc. For example, you might be following people all over your country, but you can create a list of users in your city, and use a client to see only their updates to get a glimpse of what is going on in your area.

9. Be funny
Twitter users are more likely to get more followers if they post funny stories, jokes and clever opinions. Self-sarcasm is very catchy, too.

10. Gather followers from other social networks
Use Facebook, Myspace, YouTube etc. and ask your friends there to follow you on Twitter.

11. Participate
See what is going on between your followers and take part in their conversation. Use many hashtags and follow the trends.

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