I will be your beta reader and I will content edit 7,000 words

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Job Description:

I’m currently only accepting orders by buyers whom I have personally invitated. You know who you are. 😉

For one $6 Job I’ll beta read and content edit up to 7,000 words of your book of any genre.

For orders longer than 7,000 words please buy additional jobs, per $6 each.

Standard six days delivery!!

I’ll beta read and content edit your book of any genre.

I’ll provide my honest opinion regarding:

character development
story structure

I’ll use my experience as a professional journalist to double check your facts.

I’ll provide you a critique on how your story would be received by an average reader.

If you’re looking for specifics, let me know when you purchase the job.

I don’t edit and I don’t provide any proofreading services.

However I’ll give you some editing advices and I’ll note any typos I notice.

I am willing to beta read nearly any genre, including horror and erotica. However, I won’t beta read stories containing bestiality and underage rape erotica.

If you have any questions or are wondering if my service would help you, please feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to working with you!

Job deactivated


  • Before buying, please contact with the seller! Ask questions before placing an order.
  • We keep your money until you are happy with the delivered work.
  • The job will be done or your money will be returned.
Job deactivated

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