The Best Zeerk Gigs Of The Week: June 10-16

The week is finally over and it’s time to kick back and put your feet up. Ignore everybody who says you’ll never make money as a freelancer. Just keep at it and eventually you will prove them wrong. Getting started is the hardest part, it gets much easier to land freelancer jobs after you get a couple ‘under your belt’. Skills needed for working in online content can include writing, editing, marketing, graphic design, SEO, music, audio, programming, business, lifestyle and social media. Online content work can be found both as a freelancer, or as an employee for a particular company website.

So, the best gigs this week:

Add 10000+ Real and permanent Instagram likes

Get Permanent 5000 Instagram Followers Only For $3 [ Non Drop ]

I will Promote 18,000+ Facebook Video Views, Real & Active users, Non drop Guaranteed

Add 100 registration with email confirmation votes

Get 1,000 HQ Youtube Video Views To Your Video Delivered FAST

10,000++ Instagram Followers or 30K Posted Picture / Video Likes or 300K Video Views, Real & Active Users, Guaranteed

10,000+(bonus) Instagram Followers, OR 310k+ Video Views & Impressions!

I will give 20000 like4like points for $5


5000+ USA PREMIUM Spotify Streams (Limited time only)

get organic 1000+ spotify stream or permanent followers music promotion

I will sell 20,000 like4like points Instant Delivery

I will provide you 5000 Instagram followers for $3

Get 5000+ HQ USA Spotify Plays Delivered Fast!

Instant 12000 Instagram POST/PHOTO Likes Permanently

Soundcloud 14,000 play + 255 Like + 65 Repost + 38 Comment for $3

i will give you 20k like4like points fast delivery

I will Give You 200 Nondrop Youtube Likes{Premium}

Add 1000+ YouTube Views Non Drop & Good For Ranking

Get 2,000 HQ Youtube Video Views To Your Video Delivered FAST

Give me provide 3 post a writing anywhere review

Fast give me 100+ Facebook Fan Page Likes High Guaranteed

Instant 200,000+ Instagram Views High Quality + Non Drop

Get Royalty Payed 5k+ Spotify Streams for 13$

50,000 Spotify Play / HQ Stream

I will do viral 200M Napster promotion

i will do 200M viral iTunes promotion

Get ORGANIC 2000+ Spotify Plays Stream or Followers, Real and Active Users, Permanent Guaranteed

High Quality 10,000+ YouTube views real and Guarantee

American web visitors real targeted Organic web traffic from USA, United States

10,000+ MONETIZED YouTube views (Read Description)

10,000+ LIFETIME Instagram Followers (Read Description)

Instant 10,000+ Instagram Followers, Real & Active Users, Guaranteed

Add 10,000+ Instagram TV or IGTV Views,Full Retention Lifetime Non-Drop Guarantee

Get 13000 Active Instagram Followers with FREE 10000 Instagram Video Views For $11 to Increase sale

1,000+ HQ USA Spotify Plays To Your Spotify Track FAST

Get 200 HQ USA YouTube Subscribers For Your Channel

I will do organic spotify promotion, spotify music promotion

Give you 40 Positive USA Facebook Users To Recommends Your Review Fan Page

Get 1,000 USA Soundcloud Likes

Get 500 Human manual SoundCloud Comments

Get 1,000 USA Soundcloud Repost

Give you 1000+ USA Soundcloud Followers High Quality – Real Active & Non drop

Get 50,000 Soundcloud Plays + 400 Likes + 200 Reposts For

Give you 50 djanetop competitors votes your contest


Upgrade your dropbox storage up to 16GB for lifetime

Get 100+ Post Share in Facebook, Real Active users Guaranteed

500 high quality non drop vimeo likes or followers

I can write reviews and rate products or websites in both English and Polish.

Give Instant 40,000+ Instagram Video views

Give 7000+ Instagram permanent Followers

Fast 5000+ Spotify Track Plays

Fast 1000+ YouTube Views High Retention & Non Drop Guarantee

Get Instant 10000+ Instagram likes real & Active User

Deliver You 300 Permanent ( Life Time ) YouTube Subscribers

Add 20,000+ instagram video views, Real & Active users, Non drop Guaranteed

I will provide 1K (1000) Non Drop USA Spotify Monthly Listeners

SoundCloud 100,000 plays + 60 Like + 27 Comment for $3

i will add 10000 instagram followers or 10000 instagram likes/views or 10000 youtube views

Give you new or refill YouLikeHits account with over 10,000 Points

I Will Do Viral Spotify Promotion, Spotify Music Promotion

I Will Make a 3D Wood Mock-Up of Your Logo

Give you 100 Spinnin Records Talent Pool Votes from real people around the worldwide

Get 10,000 HQ Youtube Video Views To Your Video Delivered FAST

Get 1,000 Napster Streams From Premium Profiles

1000 Spotify HQ USA Artist Followers Or 1000 Playlist Followers

I will Submit your 25 YouTube Custom Comments

Add 2000+ YouTube Views Non Drop & Good For Ranking

i will make lyric video

Add Real 2000+ views publicly on Youtube

I will provide Fast valid business emails

I will Promote 8,000+ Facebook Video Views, Real & Active users, Non drop Guaranteed

Get Instant 15,000+ Likes to Instagram Posted Picture / Video Likes, Real & Active Users, Non Drop Guaranteed

We have thousands of amazing sellers! Contact any freelancers you plan to buy from using our message or their live chat system to make sure they can take you’re order.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Zeerk Support

June 17, 2019