The Best Zeerk Gigs Of The Week: March 18-24

The week is finally over and it’s time to kick back and put your feet up. Ignore everybody who says you’ll never make money as a freelancer. Just keep at it and eventually you will prove them wrong. Getting started is the hardest part, it gets much easier to land freelancer jobs after you get a couple ‘under your belt’. Skills needed for working in online content can include writing, editing, marketing, graphic design, SEO, music, audio, programming, business, lifestyle and social media. Online content work can be found both as a freelancer, or as an employee for a particular company website.

So, the best gigs this week:

add 10000+ Instagram followers real and permanent

I Will give you 5000 Permanent Instagram followers only for $3

I will give 20000 like4like points in 1-2 accounts for $4

Get Instant (in 12 Hours) 500,000+ Instagram Video views+Impressions OR 30K Posted Picture / Video Likes, Real & Active Users, Non Drop Guaranteed

buy soundcloud 1,800,000 usa play streams promotion

I will add 1000 Spotify Plays Faster, Cheaper and Safer

I will promote 3,000+ YouTube Video Views to REAL Viewers, Good Retention & 30 Days Refill Guaranteed

Get 15,000 HQ Permanent and Safe Instagram Followers[NON DROP]

Instant Start 2000+ Windows Desktop Watch Page YouTube Video Views to A+ Region REAL Viewers, & Non Drop Life TIme Guaranteed


Get Add USA 1500 High Quality Soundcloud Likes,

Promote HQ 2000+ Instagram Followers or 10,000+ Posted Video/Picture Likes or 100k video views All are Active Users

I Will Give You 15,000+ Instagram Followers Real and Permanent [NO DROP]

Get 1000+ Spotify ORGANIC Plays, Real and Active Users, non drop to develop in social Media and Ranking

Fast 2000+ YouTube Views High Retention + Non Drop Guarantee

Add Real Fast 10,000 Facebook Video Views

Get Instant (in 12 Hours) 1 Million+ Instagram Video views OR 30K Posted Picture / Video Likes, Real & Active Users, Non Drop Guaranteed

I will provide 4000 permanent,real and human youtube views Life time guaranteed

Get 7000 Real And Active Instagram Followers For $5

Fast 200,000+ Instagram Views Real High Quality & Non Drop Guarantee

15000-18000 point right now

FreelanceEngine 1.8.7 + All Extensions (Pro Package)

Give 5k+ Facebook Video Views High Quality with Non Drop Guarantee

I will Promote 10,000+ Facebook Video Views, Real & Active users, Non drop Guaranteed

400,000 Instagram views ( special service )

1000 Non-Drop Instagram Followers Within 3hrs

1000+ Real Instagram Followers Within 3hrs

50,000 Spotify Play / HQ Stream

100+ HQ worldwide quora upvotes

500 to 1000 youtube views comments and likes

1000 HR YouTube views +50 High Quality likes

500 Promote Up Votes On Your Track any reddits

Get Fastest 1000+ Real & Active Looking Twitter Followers

250+ HQ Youtube SUBSCRIBERS ! CHEAP ! 100% SAFE

I will send targeted organic traffic from USA

10,000 Play for Spotify Music

Fast 10000+ Non Drop Adsense Safe HQ Views for Your YouTube Video

Buy 5000 Medium Claps for 1 Article & 100+ Followers

I will promote your kindle book to active online open library readers

I will provide you 15k real permanent instagram followers

permanent 200 Non Drop HQ Youtube subscribers to your channel on YouTube

Buy 50 Discord Invites

2000 Youtube High Quality Views Instant Start

spinrilla 1,000 download mixtape

Give 500+ Soundcloud Followers Real High Quality & Non Drop Service

GET 7500+ INSTAGRAM FOLLOWER , with 20K views OR 50K Posted Picture / Video Likes OR 700K Video Views,OR 9000+ YOUTUBE HQ VIEW FOR 5$ IGNORE CHEAP QUALITY SERVICE

1 Million Soundcloud Play 1000 Like 1000 Repost 1000 followers

I Will Manually Create 300 Google Map Point Listing Aaa SEO


I will do 2500+ soundcloud follower

15,000 Soundcloud Play,100 Likes 100 Repost 50 Comments

Fast 10,000+ Instagram Likes Real High Quality & Non Drop Guarantee

SALE! SALE! SALE! i will add 10000 instagram followers high quality

Hot Quality 4000+ ORGANIC USA Spotify Custom Playlist Plays, non drop to develop in social Media and Ranking

Promote On Your Track In Top Spinnin Records Talent Pool votes

Spotify Playlist

I will provide 1000 and more spotify followers

amazing 1000 spotify playlist profile followers

Give Real 10,000+ Instagram Video Views

Reliable Soundcloud Service, 100K Safe Plays, 100 High Quality Likes-100 Repost and 50Unique Comments

skyrocket your Google Rankings with 30 PR9 High Pr Seo Social Backlinks

i will do modern design business and creative logo

3000 Real & Non Drop Instagram Followers for $8

Get 500+ Instagram Followers or 500+ Twitter Followers, Non Drop and Real Active User Guaranteed (Refill if Drop)

Get Add High Quality 1M Safe SoundCloud Plays-1200 Likes- 700 Repost & USA-120comment

add 1 million instagram video views FAST and real

I will guarantee 500K viral twitch and youtube channel or video promotion

I will provide you 10000+ real active instagram followers

spinrilla 5,000 views + 1,000 streams 500 downloads

I will add 1200+ Instagram Real Thailand Followers Non Drop in 24 Hours! -Great Service - Fast Delivery - High Quality - 100% SAFE

30+ Highest Authority SEO Backlinks For Guaranteed Ranking or Refund


10,000 Instagram Video Views + 100 Free Comments HQ

4000 Real Followers & 4000 Likes & 4000 Views Instagram - High Quality - SUPER INSTANT !

Give 5000+ Facebook Video Views High Quality with Non Drop Guarantee

Fast Delivery 7,000 Instagram Likes,Full Retention Lifetime Non-drop Guarantee

Get Instant 8000+ Instagram Followers & 50,000 views real & Active Users, Guaranteed for 7 Days if Unfollow

Give you 50 Positive USA Facebook Users To Recommends Your Review Fan Page

Success Habits PLR EBook Videos and Promo Materials

Get Instant 4000+ Instagram likes

SoundCloud Promotion for Followers, Like, Playlist Like, Download, Plays, Repost, Playlist Repost, All are Real & Active users Guaranteed.

1 MILLION Instagram Video Views HQ No Drop

2,000 Instagram Followers + 2,000 Free Likes

1 Million SoundCloud Global World Plays Promotion, Permanent Guaranteed

Give 300+ Instagram Custom Comments Real & High Quality

300+ Comments on your Instagram post-Randomly or Custom

Amazing 5000 spotify playlist followers

I will provide 1000 non drop random Instagram comments

I will write 10 google review for you.

Give you 5000+Instagram followers

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March 25, 2019