The Best Zeerk Gigs Of The Week: September 11-17

The week is over. Micro Freelancing is an art, not a science. Have you applied for any new freelance gigs yet? If not, what are you waiting for? The best online freelance jobs won’t just land in your lap. It takes hard work and effort so get out there and start applying. Before you know it you’ll be a professional freelancer making the big bucks!

These are our weekly Gigs:

Get 7000 to 9000 Spotify ORGANIC Plays From HQ Account of USA or A+ Country CA/EU/AU/NZ/UK. Permanent Guaranteed

Provide 11000+ Spotify USA Track Plays, high quality, active user, non-drop, and lifetime guaranteed

Get 500+ Youtube Real subscribers,100% Non-drop, and a Lifetime permanent, Money back guarantee

5000 Facebook real page likes guaranteed

Bandlab 10,000 Play Streams To Your Music

Get 6000 to 7000 Spotify ORGANIC Plays From HQ Account of USA or A+ Country CA/EU/AU/NZ/UK. Permanent Guaranteed

Boomplay 5,000 Any African Country Play With User Account

Send 10,000 to 12,000 Spotify Stream Premium Plays HQ and Royalties Eligible

SEO Ranking Spotify Streams from TIER 1 Countries

2000 None Drop Youtube Subscribers, Best Sell

Add 10000+ Instagram Followers + 5000+ Instagram Post Likes. Non drop guaranteed.

2000+ Facebook Emoticons/ Reactions Lifetime Non-drop Start time Instant

I will add 23000+ YouTube views ,all views are 100% real and organic.

2500 High Retention Lifetime Guaranty Youtube Video Views 100 likes10 subscribes 10 comments

Boomplay 5,000 Worldwide Play With User Account All Around The World

I will Add 3000+ HQ & Non Drop YOUTUBE views

Buy Medium Claps, Followers and Comments

Package - 10,000 Plays + 1000 Followers + 200 Artist Save From USA HQ Accounts, Real and Active Users Guaranteed.

Drive 10,000 WORLDWIDE human web traffic

Boomplay 5,000 Play From Any African Country

1 Million GSA SER SEO Link Juice Verified Backlinks For Faste Index & Increase 1st Ranking

Get 5000+ ORGANIC Monthly Listeners From HQ USA Accounts, Real and Active Users, Guaranteed


Get 10K+ Spotify ORGANIC Plays Guaranteed

Get 400K+ TikTok Organic Views, Real Active User, High Quality, Non-drop, Lifetime User Guaranteed

1500 Facebook post likes with 500 share and 100 comments

I will provide you 6 non drop Reviews

I will do Youtube promotion Gain subscribers, Nondrop With watch time

I will increase domain authority moz da 50+. for $5

Youtube 4k WatchTime in just 35$

Get 4000+ Twitter Followers, Non-drop ,Organic and Permanent

10000+ Instagram Followers With 2000 Post Likes, Non-drop, organic and 100% Lifetime guarantee

Get Instant 50,000+ Instagram Video Views+Impression By active Users & Non Drop Guarantee.

Get Organic 2000+ Twitter Followers, Real, Active HQ Users Guaranteed

10000 YouTube shorts fast views with 1000 likes

2000+ TikTok Followers OR likes Non Drop & High Quality – Instant Start

60k Facebook Ad Break Page Monetization WatchTime

You will get 5000+ Spotify Followers and 10,000 Spotify Track Plays Real and Active

Get Instant 2000+ Instagram Followers or 10,000+ Likes Non-Drop & HQ Active Users, Lifetime Guarantee

Add 10,000+ HQ & Non Drop Instagram Follower with 5000 bonus likes

Very Fast Instagram 10k Followers With 10k Post Likes, Non-drop, and 100% Lifetime Refill guarantee .

Boomplay organic music promotion to get 5000 plays

I will give 10,000-11,000 like4like points for $9.8

Buy 5 Google Maps reviews with 5 level accounts

We have thousands of amazing sellers! Contact any freelancers you plan to buy from using our message or their live chat system to make sure they can take you’re order.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Zeerk Support

September 18, 2023
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