Approved wiki page for artist CHEAP I have all articles needed I don’t know how to get the page to be accepted but I already have page just not live so help me

I won’t approve complete until it is actually complete. I will pay 250$ tip but ONLY SEND ME a 50$ offer or I won’t accept and I give with my word of payment for the remaining within the time frames so if u can produce and/fix the wiki link I have already tried making and it stays approved for (3 FULL) days and only that stays up that long is then I will approve payment to be sent I don’t care if your work is done I will wait the full remainder of the 7 days which is why I made it this way. No scammers I am not the one. I need honest work that you can help me with please. But so I don’t get burned somehow by u freelancers who go back and forth forever on the internet and never produce anything real I am making the order for less on here. It’s not a hard job but I have been burned numerous times with this I am not playing. Be honest and you will be rewarded for your work thanks.

Budget: 50.00 USD - 300.00 USD
Delivery: 7 days
Deadline: November 30, 2021
Tags: create, wiki
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November 20, 2021
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