Word Document request of a flow chart for my business.

I need a flow chart. 1) Retrieve lists of claimants who govt is holding excess funds in tax overages. 2) Vette the names of only those claims worthy of anything over $60k. 3) Mail out letters to 5 -10 people who you've verified at their address. 4) Wait 3-4 days and start calling using the CRM system. 5) Get permission to send the notary. 6) Email Mike Vitrano for notary directions. Provide name, address, county, state and amount. 7) Assign the notary by www.123notary.com and provide notary with documents received from Mike. 8) Be available or notify Shannon of date and hour that notary will be arriving at the claimant's house. 9) Track your progress on the spreadsheet and report to Shannon results. 10) Keep reviewing training tapes through portal.

Budget: 4.00 USD - 15.00 USD
Delivery: 2 days
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July 4, 2021
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