Instagram likes and comment , need 300 likes and 20 comments for $2.

I need Us 300 likes and 20 comments for $2 . REQUIREMENTS 1. Accounts must be real NO BOTS 2. Accounts must be USA based 3.Accounts must not be private 4. Accounts USED must have a minimum of 10 post each 5.Account name MUST be english name 6.The likes should be done gradually and completed within 5-7days .SHOULDN'T BE DONE AT ONCE. so it can look organic 7. Comments should be RELATED to the content. NO EMOJI COMMENTS , NO ONE WORD OR TWO WORDS COMMENT. 8. Comments should be at least TEN WORDS ( NOT TEN CHARACTERS) PLS IF YOU CAN'T MEET UP WITH THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS DONT CONTACT ME. I WILL SEEK FOR REFUND IF I HIRE YOU AND YOU DONT MEET THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS, SO PLS READ AND UNDERSTAND IT BEFORE CONTACTING ME.

Budget: 3.00 USD - 5.00 USD
October 2, 2019