looking for a partner in Music Promotion

I am looking for a partner. I want to be able to boost songs on all platforms. I am concerned about these artists getting flagged for bots. so there are some things that we need to put in place. 1. I need a gradual/slow play approach. (ie if the order is for 100k plays for a song on Soundcloud it can be no more than 15% plays a day) 2. they have to play the whole song. 3. they can not be any plays from Syracuse NY or Buffalo NY (these are known bot cities) 4. 30% of plays must come from eligible revenue countries 5. They (the music platforms) are watching to see if anyone listens twice. if everything is only listened to once they assume that it is a bot. so can you work a system something like 5% listen twice 3% listen three times? 6. Are you able to make a pile of backlinks to the songs? 7. Can you make a report on the backlinks so I have something to show the client? Is this something you would be interested in developing with me? Here are three packages I am interested in figuring out: Start package youtube: 1600-1800 plays /80 likes Soundcloud: 120,000 plays /100 likes / 60 reposts / spotify: 2000 plays / 100 likes Middle package youtube: 4000-5000 plays /200 likes Soundcloud: 500,000 plays /500 likes / 100 reposts / spotify: 4000 plays / 100 likes Apple music: 600 plays 200 likes Top package youtube: 8000 plays /400 likes Soundcloud: 1,000,000 plays /1000 likes / 300 reposts / spotify: 10,000 plays / 500 likes Apple music: 2000 plays 300 likes Amazon music 2000 plays Deezer 5000 plays Pandora 2000 plays Napster 3000 plays Tidal 5000 plays Audiomack 5000 plays

Tags: amazon, apple, deezer, music, napster, pandora, Promotion, soundcloud, spotify, tidal, Youtube
May 12, 2021
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