video automatically generate auto upload programi want a project as like video automatically generate。 Send me all requirement & all project document with order

i want a project as like video automatically generate。 Send me all requirement & all project document with order Automatic video production program Step 1: Every day, the article is brought back from where there is no duplication. (Will take an article each) ex) When you set up a table called "news," all of the text in it will automatically begin to be video-generated by the server. Step 2: Translate the website no using api which language to translate)(using no using Choice) Step 3: Import a long text and divide it into 1 sentence's to indicate the length of the video. (Based on number of words, will indicate the approx video length) Step 4: Search for and import keywords. (Google image or (Based on article topic, will search for images from copyright free website suggested by you) Step 5: Put and produce the random music of the video. (server file music) Step 6: If you do not insert music, insert the music through tts. (using no using Choice) (When selected, change from to music file via tts and attach to video) step 7: And finally, you have to insert the images that you specified at the front and back of the video. Okay, this is for subscription. step 8 : video must upload it automatically (Login to each site and quote the title as it is, and create tags divided into keywords.) step 9 : video auto upload step 10 : We need to insert the watermark that we want in the video. step 11 : we must be able to specify a random video time. You must create at least one video per minute and upload it.(You have to be able to video control your time.) You need to be able to connect to multiple ID's at the same time and do different things. All processes must be automated using server cron. Again, this project has to do all of its own work.(server cron) We need a management page to set all of this up. ex) sample video link : It has to be the same as this. All of this should be done in less than five minutes per video. It also provides the final method for installing and simulating programs and server cron. ex)Similar - get articles from a website - translate the article or music - find an image for the artical - combine all and make a content and save it in db - make a video out of that content - upload it to yotube etc - make automated process for all above points Kindly accept this proposal so as to start the project immediately. Thanks.

Budget: 199.00 USD - 200.00 USD
Delivery: 15 days
Deadline: June 7, 2019
Tags: Php, program
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May 16, 2019