Website for an Interior Design Studio & Consultancy

Hello, Our business is small startup and amidst all this financial slowdown as a result of 'COVID 19', we find it hard to even get clients. We (just me and my partner) would love to have a small 5-page website: 1. HOME 2. WHAT WE DO (Gallery) 3. BLOG (Easy to EDIT and POST) 4. OUR EMPLOYERS (Our clients - Their LOGOS & or Business Names) 5. CONTACT US (Contact Form) I prefer WordPress. The THEME should be FAST & LIGHT with small pages which won't require SCROLLING. SEO OPTIMISED THEMES preferred. More projects on the way!! I should be able to POST OFFERS and or PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS without external help

Budget: 10.00 USD - 30.00 USD
Delivery: 4 days
February 3, 2021
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