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I'm looking for people with active Yelp accounts to leave reviews to businesses. The account must be at least 6 months old and located in California. I will send you the information and review and you just copy paste. If you're interested, send me your yelp link.

Budget: 1.00 USD - 20.00 USD
Delivery: 1 day
Deadline: September 15, 2019
Tags: Review, yelp

Need a person who can provide one review on TP and one more review on SJ. The reviews should be permanent. I will provide you the text and so you will not have any problems regarding it. I want you to handle only the publishing of the reviews and make them stay on the website.

Budget: 3.00 USD - 4.00 USD
Delivery: 6 days
Deadline: September 20, 2019
Tags: reviews, service reviews
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Hello, I need 4 short reviews (with 5 stars) from different IPs for my app on USA AppStore (iOS app). Needed 1review/day, total = 4 reviews/4 days.

Budget: 3.00 USD - 4.00 USD

Hey all, I am looking for people to write reviews about our service. The reviews should be permanent. I will be providing you with the text and all you have to do is publish the review and make sure that it will not be deleted from Trust Pilot. For each review, I am willing to pay $2 and once the review is published, we have to wait for three days to check whether if the review is still there or removed. Also, I would suggest using a personal account which is active for months to post the review.

Budget: 3.00 USD - 4.00 USD
Delivery: 6 days
Tags: reviews, service reviews
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-Do it in 5 days (4 sign ups with normal emails, not disposable emails + 2 positive reviews per day) -Each review should have at least 20 words, instead of just a single word like "Good!", "Excellent!" -Good in English writing. -Budget is USD 5. Thank you.

Budget: 3.00 USD - 5.00 USD
Delivery: 5 days

Buy Google 5 star reviews, account name must be Italian and must not change in the future. Review description is given by me. Give me your better price and I choose the most convenient.

Budget: 10.00 USD - 15.00 USD
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Hello budy need 300 votes I order you need complete 10 hours this is link: <>

Budget: 10.00 USD - 15.00 USD
Delivery: 1 day
Tags: contest, votes, voting
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We are always on the look out for new users (worldwide) and are in the process of hiring sellers to promote our New website. If this is you then please send me a brief idea on how you would be able to promote our website and gain us more registered users. We also have an app for Android Users which you may also be able to promote and gain us more downloads.

Budget: 5.00 USD - 10.00 USD
Delivery: 3 days
Deadline: July 6, 2019
Tags: app promotion, website promotion

Good day dear I need to sell a product on facebook country targeted. 1 link-1product any classifieds or social media in South Africa only Will you please help me with it? How I can start a business with you? Where to sed link and few strings description? Any other options or suggestions from you for helping me? With kind regards Age Smart P.S I need help to create an online shop website, traffic to it. Thank you.

Budget: 1.00 USD - 100.00 USD
Tags: account, advert, Article, buy, create, Facebook, followers, link, manage, marketing, Post, product, promote, Promotion, provide, publicity, Sales, sell, send, shop, social, south africa, Views, website

Hi, I have a CPP project (it's a transportation problem algorithm) that is already written as a windows console application. I need the project adjusted to work on both Mac and windows without any console input and to remove any unnecessary code. It currently takes as an input a text file however I need it just to take a matrix or dictionary. The original code is here:…/Transportation-Cost-Optimizer. Optionally if you can wrap it with Cython that'd be great although I can do this so no worries if not. It shouldn't be too much work as it is already written, just refactoring really. I would need this done today if that were possible.

Budget: 40.00 USD - 50.00 USD
Tags: C++, web development

i would need a mix of 20-30 reviews on google from accounts in north America who already have reviewed in north america. Also 100 - 5 star ratings legit on facebook, 20-25 comments, 50- like and follow 5 review on yelp and 2 on trust pilot

Budget: 5.00 USD - 30.00 USD
Delivery: 21 days
Deadline: June 1, 2019
Tags: Facebook, googlereview, Review, reviews
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I need two Amazon beauty product review for $3.if agree with me fell free to contact me soon.Thanks

Budget: 1.00 USD - 3.00 USD
Delivery: 1 day
Deadline: May 7, 2019
Tags: amazon review, reviews, website review

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