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watzits lets-meet

Im fed up with fiver so giving this place a try. Im looking for a mobile-first site, not a responsive wordpress site. So only sellers experienced in mobile-first design, please. I have a couple of projects which need to be discussed first and then built in sections. I will assess the design as we go and add content later myself. So im looking for design layout and site functionality. I dont mind using a mobile first theme which can be adapted to suit my niche. Anyone interested please get in touch

Budget: 50.00 USD - 150.00 USD
Delivery: 21 days
Tags: mobile first wordpress design
Start date: August 9, 2019
End date: August 16, 2019

I need to set up new shopify store contact me with your best budget cheapest and quality will be selected

Budget: 10.00 USD - 20.00 USD
Delivery: 3 days
Tags: Shopify store Ebay online store dropshipping

1) I am looking for some one who can think and have a professional manners and can think from the box. you most speak perfect English and be very good with website,seo , Affiliate website and drop shipping website ,social media, ebay , and other plat forms , you must be very good with downloadable items, like ebooks .U will be able to create and link my website to a new created business social media which will be created by u. you will promote the social media and the website u will build a chatbot into the website . please do not contact me if u do not have does qualities , I am not going to be friendly if u just try ur luck with out having does skills. Good English only . 2) I also need some one who can build me a nice s.xy ad.lt website with s.xtoys and s.x books plus s.x dressing and s.x dolly all about s.x I also have s.x links that I will like to add , if possible s.x travel should be add and also have my own link to add and social media ,seo, chatbot, and all useful functions will be added we will also promote the website. I have already s.x add website which we can upgrade to dis. this website will be affiliate and drop shipping . the s.x toy and dress most be dropship , I will also like to add other independent item to does website . please very good English only

Budget: 20.00 USD - 70.00 USD
Delivery: 10 days