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  • Marc PerkinsUnited Kingdom21 transactions totalling $109
    hi we are looking for a real email list full social network user so we can invite them to our site if anyone can help
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  • Marc PerkinsUnited Kingdom21 transactions totalling $109
    hi we got a social network site and we are looking for someone to send our some social network users we got $5 for this gig this is our link so u can see the site
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  • musicizmeUnited StatesNo Transactions
    I'm looking for a virtual assistant to post ads in the services section of Craigslist in different U.S. cities. You must have posting tools (phone verified Craigslist account(s) and IPs). This is a long term part-time job. To respond, please list at least 5 U.S. cities where you can post ads. Also, tell me what your charge is for posting.
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  • Chris MartinUnited StatesNo Transactions
    I need some help with an email marketing campaign. I need to target sports blogs, sports podcasters, and/or the owners of these types of sites – specifically those who focus on American football.My goal is for them to partner with my sports prediction game ( don’t have a list of email addresses, so you’ll need to supply that as well. I will also need for you to write and format the email message(s).Please send me a price quote and a timeframe for this project. Thx!
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  • treetopmonkeyUnited States2 transactions totalling $15
    Need someone to watch and leave written reviews on two online courses.
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