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  • canoaCanadaNo Transactions
    Hello all i need clicks on my youtube video, ads click should be ad sense safe ( unique IP) Mostly from USA or Canada Tell me how many click will you can offer me along with cost.
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  • freeky11428United StatesNo Transactions
    PLEASE READ THIS OFFER. Looking for a stunning and beautiful designed photography website. I have logos, photos, page information and video intros. I only have $30 max for this. Please send me your sample websites.
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  • GeorginaWENGUnited StatesNo Transactions
    Looking for jewelry designer. Design pendant of my theme or any good theme designer recommend. Suit for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. NOTE!! NO TORT PROBLEM!!!!!!
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  • friend4lifeMartiniqueNo Transactions
    i need 10k like to my facebook page any can help we will pay $15 for this Gig
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  • Marc PerkinsUnited Kingdom5 transactions totalling $35
    hi we have a social network site and we need real people joining our site if anyone can help with this this is a link to see if you can do it we got $5 for thisgig
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