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  • friend4lifeMartiniqueNo Transactions
    i need help for some to do some seo work on my site i need my site to rank in google fist page on two week with the keywords i will provide but pleases don't email me if you know you cannot get my site to the top
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  • Marc PerkinsUnited Kingdom9 transactions totalling $60
    hi we got a social network site and we need real and acitve users if anyone can help we got $5 for this joob this is our website link so u can see the site <>
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  • ahaseeb1999Pakistan1 transaction totalling $5
    I want some to Complete some surveys for every survey i will give 0.1$ - 0.3$, These all should be from unique IP budget upto 50$ ....if you sucessfully did my job i will provide bonuses ! only interested people offer !If any one downloaded this file and submit me offer i will 100% order him, dont provide me this download only provide screenshot i will pay money and then send me this material,Its really amazing software that i want --) (i have many more links Join us submit your offer)
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  • ahaseeb1999Pakistan1 transaction totalling $5
    I want a working bot or sofware for social media if anyone can give me my budget 4$ Reply fast !!
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  • Alex_ZooBangladeshNo Transactions
    Hello, We are looking for some people to signup to our partner’s website. There are 3 steps to become a member of the website. But it takes less than 5 minutes. At the moment my budget is $3 per signup. If anyone can do this job response me ASAP.
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