I will convert pdf to csv and upload in QuickBooks.

Business / Data Entry
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Hi there, I'm Sompa. I have experience in pdf to csv convert. I love to help you to be more productive and simplify process.
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Job Description

Are you struggling with converting your financial data from PDF to CSV format for QuickBooks? Look no further! I offer a top-notch zeerk gig dedicated to seamlessly transforming your PDF files into CSV files, ensuring a smooth transition of your financial data into QuickBooks.

Here's what you can expect from my PDF to CSV conversion gig:

Accurate Data Extraction:

  • I have the expertise and tools to accurately extract financial data from your
  • PDF files, including transactions, invoices, expenses, and more.

Customized Formatting:

Your QuickBooks requirements are unique, and I understand that. I'll tailor the effortlessly.

Data Validation:

  • To maintain data integrity, I perform thorough data validation to catch any discrepancies or errors during the conversion process, minimizing the chances of inaccuracies in your QuickBooks records.

Fast Turnaround:

Time is money, and I value your time. You can expect a quick time,

so you can get your data into QuickBooks without delay.

Competitive Pricing:  My gig offers competitive pricing to fit your budget.


April 22, 2024

great seller. Thank you

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