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  • LanguagetutorUnited States2 transactions totalling $9
    I need a developer to develop a Google like search engine..this search engine cound be like any search you know.I need only serious people and please do not bid out of topic,, tell me this to proof yourself serious, say, ,,i will help you build a search engine like google..thanks.. Budget is $25Bid only if you can coulp with this.Thanks for your time.
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  • asahiscornerKenyaNo Transactions
    I am looking for affiliate marketers to promote my ebook on Bitcoins. Each affiliate get an initial 30 percent commission and this will increase to 50 percent after 1000 sales. This will increase to 80 percent after 10,000 sales. Additionally, if you make 1,000 sales of the eBook in a week, you get a 1000 USD Bonus. If you make 10,000 sales of the eBook in a week, you get 10000 USD Bonus.
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  • tuncbzTurkeyNo Transactions
    Firebase Sing in Google Integrate JavaScript; Hi. My name is Tunc. I created an android app and it can sing in firebase with email/pass and google. My website can also sign in same firebase protect with same email/pass. But, I can't do sing in with google. I want to only this = integrate google sign in firebase in my website. Could you do this. Thanks.This is document what I didn't.
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  • Jana K BarrosUnited StatesNo Transactions
    add or move up a google image from search results , 2- 10 pictures
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  • Jana K BarrosUnited StatesNo Transactions
    i want to rank higher on iTunes for my album because it is buried for my keyword
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