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  • KabzecUnited StatesNo Transactions
    Logo+business card + corporate style How much will it cost to develop a logo, business card and corporate style? For how long will you do it?
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  • KitchenYardUnited StatesNo Transactions
    Hello. I need someone of you to create a logo for me. The name of company: Kitchen Yard We are engaged in the preparation of food (mostly vegetarian) and bringing it home. The style should be bright and memorable. I ask the price to indicate for ALL the work.
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  • Candy87United States25 transactions totalling $183
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  • Marc PerkinsUnited Kingdom26 transactions totalling $129
    looking for someone to promote our marketplace buy and sell site got to be a good promoter who can do this job as we need more seller and buyers to join our site <> we got $3 for this gig so send me what you can do to boost our site
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  • sirharpheoUnited StatesNo Transactions
    want to work it this way :- user go to site click on button torn on Push Notification - after user do it Js code send to class a hash of user and info about which gateway should Push use (SAFARI, CHROME etc.) - Php class have method to send Push to each HASH It should work this way :1. I go to site when I register to get Push notification, 2. I go to admin page where I see persons who make a registration to get Push, 3. From Admin area I can send any text to any person who register
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