I will do setup, clean up and bookkeeping in quickbooks online, xero

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Job Description

Enjoy tackling tough problems? I am looking for people like you.

Are you in trouble with your QuickBooks online, Xero and wave Bookkeeping? 

Do you need a quick turnaround? 

Do you want an expert hand? 

Messed up with cashflow ?

Why Should you hire me? 

  1. Certified Bookkeeper  

  2. Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor Advanced and also Xero Advisor

  4. 5+ Years of Accounting and Bookkeeping Experienced 

My 3 Core Services in Quickbooks online, Xero and wave Bookkeeping :

1. I provide Clean up Quickbooks online, Xero Bookkeeping and Wave bookkeeping for those who have fallen behind. It's very common and I've done projects spanning YEARS. I love doing it!

2. I provide Set up Quickbooks, Wave And Xero Bookkeeping services for people who need to get set up on a new bookkeeping platform from scratch OR for businesses who want to make a seamless switch from one platform to the other.

3. I provide monthly Clean Quickooks online, Xero and wave bookkeeping services for businesses across the Worldwide.

1. Company setup

2. Wave, Xero & QuickBooks Bookkeeping services

3. Xero, Wave and QuickBooks bank reconciliation

4. Fix Error

5. Xero bookkeeping services

6. Financial Statement


May 13, 2024

Thank you very much will will use you again.

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