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  • Cindy Van Droogenbroek
    Looking for someone who can upload 170 products to Wordpress.
  • hooplah
    Looking to buy a lot of PVA Uber accounts..Long term purchase. Willing to pay up to $2 for each account. Each account must be verified with phone and payment information. Thanks!
  • imbest
    I Need Persons only from European countries and Australlia to post on forex forums. Only 1 reviews needed per order of $5 One test task will be given before I confirm order for you. If you provide quality work then you can get more than $5. Thanks
  • gabby_
    I need to buy a VPS or RDP . it should be fast and valid for at least 3-6 months
  • MiracleQueen
    Need someone who specialty in the development and creation of legal software. Must be knowledgeable of free legal research websites. Must be able to integrate the research to create a step by step software to a 3rd-grade education. The software must be a interactive software, with whiteboard and explainer videos. Contact me.