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  • brightcellars
    Hi there! We are looking for someone to write a lot of "Welcome Letters" on a weekly basis for our business. We will supply you with paper and pens (if needed) and the letter copy to use. Ideally we would like a minimum of 200 letters per week - We will pay for shipping and handling as we are located in Milwaukee, WI. Please let me know if you are able to handle the work :)
  • Musab Kara
    Hi. I have a sports website sportey.org and I am looking for new authors. if you are interested contact me and I will let you know the details.
  • mand
    DATA ENTRY IN EXCEL: Extremely tedious Excel task that cannot be automated. You will go down a column of 1400 cells and type a number in each cell based on a graph. Should take a max of 10 seconds per cell, maybe down to 3-4, so 2-4 hours. Warning: Very boring. Requires Excel.2015 or later.
  • shoaib10
    I need some to create a amazon affiliate website for me. Including azon authority pro woloth azon authority theme. I nedled some who aleady has the pludin availabe. Or any other best pluging wich autopilot every thing. Send me ur offers i need that guy to research most profitable niche with less competitors. Provide me best donain name.
  • sdgdigital
    Adapt a flash file. All the content need to be dynamic. I'll provide the fla and the xml. You need to dynamically adapt the field (in flash). You don't need to create a xml, but create an AS to dynamically fill the text. You configure the field in the flash not only create the AS. I want a ready to go swf.