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The Best Zeerk Gigs Of The Week: November 20-27


Hello all you freelancers out there. Spend 15 or 20 minutes while you’re drinking your coffee and see what happens 😉
Each week we actively promote the best gigs and you have the chance to be selected to apear in the TOP Best Zeerk Gigs list, that we will publish and promote on different multiple pages and sites.
So, the best gigs this week:

500 spinrilla download mixtape or single song

I will write and post unique amazon review for you in 2 days

i will give you 50M 8 Ball Pool Game Coins in 5$

We will Add 10,000 HQ Instagram Followers

I will do write a book review, product, apps for any country

soundcloud 600 likes

Promote Your Link to 12 Million+ Facebook Groups Get Loads of TRAFFIC

I will do safe 205000 soundcloud plays MUSIC promotion

I will write a 5-Star online review for your business anywhere.

I will submit your press release or article to 1000 news papers

500 instagram Follower or 3000 likes

I will Promote Instagram Followers(2000+) or Picture Like(9,000+) or Video View(9,000+)



Never Give Up!
You might land a great new gig to start the month off. Good luck!

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If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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November 5, 2016

How i upgrade my jobs to featured listing on Zeerk?


Zeerk has added another feature to the home page called Featured jobs, Noteworthy.
* Price for featured job on Homepage: $10 USD.
* Price for featured job on category pages: $5 USD.
* Featured interval: 30 days


November 4, 2016

Zeerk supports daily withdrawal request – no waiting period!


Hello guys! Got some good news for you. We are pleased to inform you about the latest update of our TOS. Zeerk supports daily withdrawal request! Means no waiting period for your payments. Funds can be withdrawn to a PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, bank account after a job was marked as completed. You click on “withdraw” and you will see payment notification in your PayPal/Payoneer/Payza account on same day, you don’t need to wait 7-15 days.

After a Buyer accepts a service/job, the payment will be credited to the Seller’s account. To be eligible for withdrawal, you must have a minimum balance of $4. To request a withdrawal, log-in to your account; click on Payments -> Withdraw Money -> Withdraw button.

Please note: Funds are not withdrawn automatically. For security reasons all withdrawal requests are processed manually.


August 21, 2016

Starting today, you can buy gigs on Zeerk with Payoneer!


Sending money with Payoneer:

Payoneer enables millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200 countries to reach new audiences by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments. All you need are funds in your account and a Zeerk Payoneer’s email.  Don’t have an account yet? No problem! Just sign up for your free account and your funds will be deposited and ready for you to use. Simply log in and select “Pay” in the menu. It takes only a few seconds and your money is sent instantly!
With Payoneer’s Account-to-Account Transfer service, you can instantly send funds to Zeerk account. This transfer service is done directly via your My Account page at


It’s free to send funds to our Payoneer account. Funds will be credited to your Zeerk’s balance in the next hour after the funds are received. You can use your balance for any purchases on Zeerk.

You can use this service and save a lot of money charged as transaction fees.

 Get Started Today, select a deposit method.


February 10, 2016

Starting today, you can buy gigs on Zeerk with Payza and Bitcoin!


Payza Now Allows Merchants to Accept Bitcoin Payments. Payza started offering Bitcoin services in August 2014 when they introduced an option for Payza members to buy Bitcoin directly within their accounts; later that year, in October 2015, the company released a new Bitcoin deposits option, which allowed members to sell Bitcoin to Payza.

Now the company extended the Bitcoin option to Merchants. Payza informed that the new feature has been automatically enabled on all existing Payza Payment Buttons, with the exception of businesses in countries that have restricted laws against the digital currency.

To make this happen, Zeerk has partnered with Payza, a popular Bitcoin wallet, to give you the option of buying Gigs with Bitcoins. Once you’ve placed your order by clicking the “Buy Now” button, select Payza as your payment option. Transactions will be processed through Payza.


October 24, 2015

Zeerk Mobility – iOS, Windows Phone, Android


Just when you thought that the world’s largest digital services marketplace has alienated iOS, Windows Phone or Android users, Zeerk finally made itself available for them as well!

iOS, Windows Phone or Android users are now at the liberty of enjoying everything that Zeerk offers. You can now instantly engage in the easy, simple and fun way of buying and selling.

iOS, Windows Phone or Android users are now open to finding jobs and seeking services gaining access to over million services anywhere, anytime, starting from a remarkable price of $5 only. Zeerk currently offers the best mobile experience allowing users to select from a vast community of creative, able and talented freelancers that can offer numerous different services from all over the world. Some popular categories available on the platform include writing jobs, web designing and graphics, development of apps, SEO services, online marketing, audio and music services, etc.

Other notable features offered by Zeerk include:

  • Spontaneous flow of buying and selling
  • 24/7 communication in form of notifications and inbox services
  • Smart category and search navigation makes finding anything from a vast collection very easy
  • Zeerk’s real time push notifications keep users updated with every single order update and messages.
  • Deciding instant and direct access to sellers is made easy through user generated quality ratings and feedback
  • Freelancers can enhance efficiency through completing and sending jobs through direct delivery from the app
  • Editing jobs, along with responding to customer demand in real time is possible
  • Track job status, view and withdraw finances and keep complete control of your business irrespective of wherever you may be.
  • All you have to do is now is download the Zeerk app and the key to every service you require will be in your pocket.
September 12, 2015

Freelance Online, Micro Jobs and Outsourcing Services


Zeerk is a micro jobs site where freelancers specializing in various different fields come together and present their skills to be used and employed by those who need them. These services are priced reasonably by the service providers and jobs vary from costing as low as $5 to as high as $500 for a single job depending on the expertise, job description and value of the job provided.

The general categories of jobs on Zeerk include lifestyle, audio and music jobs, business jobs, writing and translation jobs, animation and video jobs, design and graphics jobs, tech and programming jobs and SEO and online marketing jobs. Within these broad categories, several different jobs are posted regularly on Zeerk and you too can present your skill to the world for consideration and praise.

The initial step to start working with the site is to sign up and create an account after which you will be allowed to choose categories and post your ad on the site stating which services you can offer and at what price. It is necessary to quote a reasonable and fair price for your quality service that truly matches its value and which will render buyers of your service to agree.

There are at least two to three skills that every individual might be able to offer to potential buyers. All you are required to do is to post your skills and wait for the buyers to contact you before delivering the job. Once this is done the buyer will reward you not only financially but will also leave you feedback that will explain his/her experience of working with you along with the quality of your work. Positive feedback of course increases your chances of being chosen again as it is a recommendation from your previous employer.

The working method on Zeerk is very simple. Service providers can sell their skills and services at Zeerk for free, while buyers interested in hiring any of them for their services will first need to search the entire job list for any freelancer who fits his/her criteria of required services. Next he/she will register for a free account on Zeerk. Next the buyer will purchase the required service after agreeing on a price and once confirmation is sent the seller starts with the job.

Once the job is completed the seller will deliver the job to the buyer, which he/she will collect and accept from the seller. As soon as the job is accepted, the payment for the hired service is paid which shows in the account of the seller in the form of virtual cash.

This cash can be withdrawn from the account by the seller through different ways that include transferring the amount to a Paypal, Payoneer or Moneybookers (Skrill) account.

Every user of the site has a personal account that maintains the profile of the user and lists all his/her jobs. In this profile the user can at any time add new jobs or edit the existing ones. There is also a sales management panel available for the account of every user where active, closed and completed jobs are shown. Also the account shows all financial dealings done on the site along with the existing balance, the history of withdrawals and payments. Also in order to communicate with the different buyers, a private message area is arranged so that communication before and during a job can be conducted easily. Messages can be left for the buyer and the seller to check in case they are not available at a specific time.

Post as many jobs as you like to enhance the chances of being hired by a potential buyer. However, one thing to keep under consideration is that Zeerk does not allow duplicating of jobs and so you are required to post your skills in a unique manner every time or else they are at risk of being wiped or deleted.

Zeerk is the perfect platform to introduce your skills to the world and the more you work for buyers the more your reputation builds on the site and new buyers prefer you over others to get their job done. So, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Let the world know your qualities so that you and the buyers can both benefit from it. Your buyers will earn affordable quality services while you earn hard cash right from the comfort of your home.

June 15, 2015