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Hello, I am looking for a virtual assistant from countries where it is possible to send and receive payments through Paypal balance for a commercial site for simple work. Our service for the sale of absolutely legal inexpensive goods. You can work at any time, 15 minutes/day. Budget: $7/day. Also a mandatory requirement - you must have your own Paypal and work only through your Paypal balance.

Budget: 6.00 USD - 7.00 USD
Tags: virtual assistant
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Fast non drop organic please and don’t send offers over 20 dollars

Budget: 19.00 USD - 20.00 USD
Tags: Instagram
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Can anyone do this job? A proof of work would be nice there is a lot of “hustlers”

Budget: 5.00 USD - 50.00 USD

i need someone to handle the email marketing campaign of my business

Budget: 50.00 USD - 100.00 USD
Delivery: 3 days
Deadline: November 25, 2021
Tags: email automation, email marketing
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Seeking someone who I can work with that is good at Spotify, Amazon, Napster, iTunes, and SoundCloud streaming. this would be an ongoing partnership. We will go project by project. We would work out an exclusive price plan for quantities for each platform.

Budget: 20.00 USD - 2,000.00 USD
Deadline: November 26, 2021
Tags: amazon, itunes, soundcloud, spotify, streaming

We are searching for a dependable and experienced remote helper to join our group. While working from a distance, the Virtual Assistant will arrange and refresh documents, answer calls and messages, and help with making show and deals materials. The ideal competitor ought to be technically knowledgeable, ready to impart through various channels, and very coordinated. The remote helper will likewise be answerable for organizing travel schedules, flights, and rooms, just as following and overseeing costs and installments. 1.2. Obligations and obligations Reply and direct calls Oversee correspondence and answer messages Get ready and sort out information bases and reports Oversee online media records and answers Handles client and manager data privately Take notes or interpret gatherings directed on the web and offer minutes of meeting Timetable gatherings Oversee schedule and arrangements Timetable gathering spaces and meeting rooms Orchestrate installments for merchants, travel, and deals costs Make buy requests and follow and oversee installments Oversee documenting frameworks, update records, and put together documentation Get ready and make PowerPoint introductions and materials depending on the situation Online exploration for materials and hotspots for introductions

Budget: 20.00 USD - 50.00 USD
Delivery: 2 days
Tags: business, design, Seo, writting
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Do you have a USA user? Can you split like to 20 last post? How much is 1000 Likes + 20 Share + 20 Comments?

Budget: 5.00 USD - 11.00 USD
Tags: Facebook

I won’t approve complete until it is actually complete. I will pay 250$ tip but ONLY SEND ME a 50$ offer or I won’t accept and I give with my word of payment for the remaining within the time frames so if u can produce and/fix the wiki link I have already tried making and it stays approved for (3 FULL) days and only that stays up that long is then I will approve payment to be sent I don’t care if your work is done I will wait the full remainder of the 7 days which is why I made it this way. No scammers I am not the one. I need honest work that you can help me with please. But so I don’t get burned somehow by u freelancers who go back and forth forever on the internet and never produce anything real I am making the order for less on here. It’s not a hard job but I have been burned numerous times with this I am not playing. Be honest and you will be rewarded for your work thanks.

Budget: 50.00 USD - 300.00 USD
Delivery: 7 days
Deadline: November 30, 2021
Tags: create, wiki
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I won’t accept as complete unless apple confirms my stats which update daily

Budget: 50.00 USD - 150.00 USD
Delivery: 14 days
Tags: apple, music

I have a file that's encrypted and salted, I have the salt which is static since it was setup years ago but don't know how I can recover my file from the encryption. Please will appreciate your help and respond to any further inquiries. Thanks

Budget: 200.00 USD - 440.00 USD
Delivery: 4 days
Tags: bug fixes, coding, Decryption