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I'm the owner of Parlay Vacay: Language Vacations. Check us out online and on all social media. We're looking for help promoting our unique and effective language vacations, which are usually but not exclusively cruises, that are one week each and feature an incredible 2 to1 ratio of students to instructors. We have the BEST language education product on the market but we are new and still unknown: ready to explode! We pay generous commissions per tuition sold.
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I wanna pay you for pics and chat of a certain type let me know any questions and how much it will cost I wanna have a lot of fun with you so let's play
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Usman Da G Pakistan No Transactions
i am looking for someone who can make a naughty live video.
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dphipps United States 14 transactions totalling $78
Looking for someone to put out local celeb info via social media.
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coolmangos United Kingdom No Transactions
I'm in the middle of a kitchen refurb on a budget. I want to paint the ceramic tiles (I've got pictures) using chalkpaint from - "Old Ochre / Greek Blue" combo. Tiles are 10cm x 10cm. I've seen some stencil ideas on the w/site and wonder if I could have a unique design.
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hooplah United States No Transactions
Take Uber rides with my code!I want you to take Uber rides with my referral code. Looking to get 20 referrals with $50. Long term. I don't need it done in a hurry, but you should be able to deliver them over time and not all 20 a month after I order from you
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ahaseeb1999 Pakistan 1 transaction totalling $5
Hello! Can anyone provide me clash of clans account for free PLZ
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Godleyfollowers New Zealand No Transactions
Looking for powerful prayer for health and spiritual healing
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jpatomg Argentina 1 transaction totalling $10
Hola a todos, necesito articulos de por lo menos 500 acerca de costumbres argentinas. En español rioplatense. Contactarme sugiriendo el tema del que vayan a escribir.
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