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danbisig United States No Transactions
We are looking for someone who lives in the USA to help proofread and edit up to 10 - 750 word E-books and work with us long term to edit future monthly E-books that we receive. We buy our content from a gentleman who knows the facts of his topic BUT the grammar and word use needs to be cleaned up before we can put it on our websites. We prefer someone who has been doing this type of work for a while please and can share references.
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Abdooo Egypt No Transactions
I am looking for somebody to write a article has 10 lists and minimum 1,800 words If the price is cheap I'll give you High Rating From more than one account And I will repeat purchase from you I Promise you
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Deborah Spain No Transactions
I am looking for somebody to translate a letter written in Spanish to English. Approximately 2,000 words.
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Deborah Spain No Transactions
I am looking for somebody to translate a menu into Spanish. Approximately 500 words
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sunfirecomputers United States No Transactions
1)Please leave an five star product summary. Product summary is a story (150 word minimum) of how it helped your dog or is better then the other units. at <> 2) Go through all product summary, and rate each summary at/or below 3 stars as "unhelpful" 3) 3) Go through all product summary, and rate each summary that is either 4 or 5 stars as "helpful" 4) Post product summary, and submit summary in HIT to confirm it was posted
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scontrera United States 6 transactions totalling $30
Hi, I will like to have proofreading services in English for 24 hrs. Thanks,
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Juliana Ukraine No Transactions
Hi to everyone! I need an entrepreneur to translate English texts into Polish. Texts will be different types of products. But U have o take into account that translations should be with SEO internet marketing elements. I need a native Polish speaker. So pls contact me as soon as possible
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Danny Gordon United States No Transactions
I need someone to write a professional elance/upwork profile
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kaiser6643 Pakistan 1 transaction totalling $5
Hi I need 3000 words content for my website About us, Copyright, Privacy policy and Terms of services pages. **I need words per page as mention below** 1. About us = 300 word 2. Copyright = 300 words 3. Privacy policy = 1300 4. Terms of services = 1100 TOTAL = 3000 WORDS I have free wallpapers website: http://www.widehd.net REFERENCE WEBSITE AND FOLLOW TEXT FORMATTING Like below links http://www.wallpaperup.com/privacy http://www.wallpaperup.com/copyright Plz give your rock bottom rate ??
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FargoNorth United States 4 transactions totalling $180
Book Reviewer I am looking for a person with an Amazon account which allows you to post reviews. I ask you to purchase a kindle verson ($1.99) copy of a 5 star rated political sci fi novel (384 pages) and to provide an honest review. After submitting to me for correction (only for spelling grammar and word choice), you will then post the review on three sites: AMZ, B&N and Goodreads.
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Jutta-rw Canada 20 transactions totalling $302
Experienced proofreader needed for copywriting business. NATIVE SPEAKERS ONLY! Proofreading the document. Check spelling and grammar: Spanish, French, German and Italian.
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PM4myBlogs United States 5 transactions totalling $110
I would like articles on different healthy cat foods, cat treats, and cat toys preferable by cat owner. Secondly articles on the same: food treats, toys for rodents by pet rodent owner. Then I need articles on Beats audio products. So if you feel qualified to write about any or all of the above please contact me.
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